“I understand how important it is to be innovative in this industry.”

Priceless Scott (Born Keshana Scott) was no different from many young people during her childhood. Raised by a single parent, Priceless found herself surrounded by a strong family base, and dreams of a prosperous future. Growing up, Priceless developed a passion for sports and really loved softball. Health concerns interrupted her early years and she found herself hospitalized. After undergoing open heart surgery and recovering, Priceless started concentrating on her academics, but also had that interrupted when she became pregnant entering her senior year in high school, she underwent the surgery a year out of school.


Now a parent, Priceless found herself planning for two futures, and knew she needed to find security for herself and her child. Although she never dreamed of being an entertainer in 2012 she walked into a recording studio and recorded her first song over Tygaʼs “Rack City” instrumental and renamed it “Toe Tagem.” From 2014 - 2017 after a lot of groundwork she soon discovered the music industry meant she had to work harder than her male contemporaries. That hard work paid off when she was named female rap artist of the year in 2016 at the diamond awards held in Orlando. With her release entitled “Know Me” Priceless is ready to take the brakes off and go pedal to the metal on her future.


“I understand how important it is to be innovative in this industry and I’ve decided to set trends instead of following them.”

Priceless has participated in industry showcases, with one being held in Tampa and the other two in Georgia. Priceless Scott says she is far from being an overnight success, and she’s ready for the ring that’s ahead “I’m proud of how far I’ve come and I’m excited about my new future” Priceless writes her own lyrics, so every release will be original.

As you become a fan of “Priceless Scott” you will see how she got her stage name and that talent like hers is truly Priceless!


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